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Thursdays Painting Class!

Last Thursday Painting Class was great fun!  We got to play with dyes and try out some new colour combinations.  I got see how others approach their work and learned more about colours and dry brushing from Eileen.  Eileen actually … Continue reading

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We all take pride in something, whether it is our work, our achievements, our family or all of these.  I think that I must be quite prideful right now – I have had a banner year!  I had better be … Continue reading

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Tidal Pools and Knitting

Yesterday was Mad About Ewe Second Annual Picknit.  It was at Neck Point Park, one of my favorite places! It was a wonderful day.  What made it even better for me was the inspiration on the beach. We arrived for … Continue reading

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Red Letter Day!

Did you know that a “Red Letter” day was any day of special significance – according to Wikipedia.  It comes from Medieval calendars where all special days were marked with a Red Letter.  Today is such a day! Thank heavens … Continue reading

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Leaf and Point Trio – Painting!

From undyed projects to painted garments – each colour builds on the ones before! Happy Viewing Lynette

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It was Product Testing! – Really!

Yesterday and today – whirlwinds of activity!  And the missing piece from the Baklava was truly a necessary part of the process!  What if it hadn’t worked, after all, it has been a few years since I made it!  LOL!! … Continue reading

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Time and Relativity!

As you know time is relative – as you get older it goes faster and you have less of it.  I read somewhere an explanation of this phenomenon.  It goes something like this; When you are young a year is … Continue reading

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