This morning I am cleaning up a few bits of business.  I just finished up the pattern for Vogue Knitting and sent it off.  I am putting together the slide show for KnitEast.  It is loading on Flickr as I write this – I love multitasking!  Then I have to see if I can load the slide show from Flickr to my USB drive – something new to learn every day.

After a loooong argument with Flickr – I have a slide show, but no comments or descriptions as yet!  That will have to come tonight or tomorrow morning (most likely tomorrow morning as by tonight my brain may be toasted!).  Then the USB transfer!

I am not sure if the slide show will be seen at KnitEast, but if they have someone with a loose computer they will be able to see the process from inspiration to execution to creation!  All this learning for a “maybe”!  But there is always the next time and then it should be easy!


I want to get this done so that I can send the Tidal Pools Shawl off to Fleece Artist tomorrow, with the USB drive in the envelope.  Let’s hope that there are no “issues” tomorrow morning!  I hate arguing with a computer or a program – you never win!

My next task is to work on the pattern – it is more than half done, but there is still a lot of work left – mostly the lace charts!  I also need to start working on the patterns for the fall classes as well.  This year I made my job easier by choosing a few projects that already have patterns written by myself or others – EZ’s rib warmer, Isabeau Knits Basketweave Gauntlets, and my Victorian Lace Cap!


Happy Knitting