A gorgeous stole, with the very popular Estonian Lily of the Valley pattern.

This last week we at Mad About Ewe had a visit from one of our avid knitters.  This is not unusual, what was unusual is what Carrie brought to share!  Five stunning, Estonian Lace Shawls.

Carrie, like the rest of us is an avid knitter and she loves traditional knitting in particular.  Her neighbour, Mary Laanela, had an Estonian Mother-in-law – these shawls are ones that she has knit.  She was showing them to Carrie – who was thrilled!

Carrie knew that we would be thrilled as well and asked permission to share them at the store.  It was granted.

It was a busy day at the store, Dorothy and Myself and about 6 other knitters were in the store when Carrie arrived.  It was like Christmas, as the shawls were revealed, we all gathered around the table and Ooohh!  and Aaahh! were the comments of the moment!

Edging Detail from the large Square Shawl

The big square shawl is very similar to the shawl on page 36 of Haapsalu Ratt, only the center pattern is a little different.  The pattern is so similar I wonder if the knitter is the same….. Both are incredibly beautiful!

I asked Carrie if she would find out if I could post about the shawls and share the experience on my blogs, here and the Mad About Ewe Blog.  I could.

I hope that Oohh! and Aahh! will be the comments of your moment!

Happy Viewing