Vogue project detail.

Thanks to Fiona’s help with the finishing!

The Vogue project is in the mail – now to see if they are happy with it!  I’ll be taking pictures of the Rowan project and sending them off this evening.  Life is good.  Now I can get back to living it!

This last weekend was a marathon of knitting.  Two hours on, two hours off, and nights for sleeping, but it all got done.  In the “two hours off” bits of time I did fit in a couple of walks with Sophie, a visit to Diana’s Garden Centre and a visit to Audra (massage therapy), she said I had to come back again, next week…..For some reason my shoulders are all knotted up!  LOL!!

Delicate Thimble berry blossom

I take my camera on almost all my walks, this last weekend was no different.  I got some great shots of flowers and a few of Sophie.  There is always so much to see!

On Saturday we walked down through Beach Estates Park.  This is an incredible little park, running from Departure Bay Road, behind Brooks Landing Mall, right down to the Beach and Ferry Terminal.

The waterfall in the Park, gorgeous view and sound.

The Park is really a Ravine.  Ten metres up you can see fences and houses, but down in the ravine, are ferns, waterfalls, bridges and paths that all lead down to the sea.  On the beach we saw Wild Roses blooming and some dried seed pods.

Wild Roses are starting to bloom.

The walk takes about an hour, if you do not linger at the Beach and is a bit of climb back up to the parking lot, which is shared with a Church.  Sophie came home and collapsed in the shade for a long nap after the walk!  It is a great walk on a hot summer’s day as the temperature is about 5 degree’s lower in the ravine than  in the rest of the city!

My beautiful new Clematis – purple of course!

The garden rebuilding continues unabated.  At Diana’s I purchased a beautiful purple clematis – and a cast-iron frame to cage and support it.  A trellis would not do!  You see, Sophie likes to help us dig.

She has exposed the roots of the new Dogwood twice already and I do not think that the Clematis would survive Sophie’s “help”!  Hence the cage rather than the trellis!  Next weekend I hope to buy bricks and finish squaring off the “Herb Garden”.  Then I can replant it and continue to rebuild the rest of the garden!

Edging the pink – just starting.

Last night I started the sample for the “Edging the Pink” KAL.  I am working with Tosh Light in the Ms Taylor colourway with purple iris #8 beads.    This is another beaded scarf, but the focus is on the edges.  There will be beads, but they are always optional.  Some will be placed with a crochet hook and some will be pre-strung, plan on about 1200 beads if you do decide to bead.


Like the “Dark of the Morning” KAL this will be free until one week after the last section is released.  There will be 4 sections, one released every two weeks.  One week after the release of the last section it will be removed from the free category.  I will set up the Ravelry group this weekend and post some schematics.  The start date will be June 16th.

I am also starting the samples for the fall classes in the next week.  There is never any lack of knitting projects – only lack of time!

Happy Knitting


PS Here are some more pictures of the park and the wild flowers that I saw this weekend!