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Celtic Fichu

    Yesterday afternoon in what seemed like a gale – I painted the Celtic Fichu.  I had dye pots and vinegar bottles and the box of Saran down on the board to hold it still.  A couple of times … Continue reading

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Photo-shoots, Classes and Patterns Oh My!

It has been a busy week, month, year – pop in the time frame that suits you – because I am not alone in this busyness! Many of my friends and acquaintances are feeling this sensation of speed in life.  Everything is … Continue reading

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Dreaming of Shetland…..

….Is almost ready! The proofs have just been sent and everything is looking fabulous! Yesterday when I was cruising around Facebook I found this wonderful link to a blog called British Knits and a great article on Foula Sheep.  Foula sheep … Continue reading

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Sometimes it is just one shot – the narrow end of Cottle Lake in Linley Valley. Lynette

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Every Day is New

I walk every weekend morning with my husband and Sophie.  Many of those walks are at the same places, favorite parks and walks around Nanaimo.  Every time the walk is new. There will be something new to see or a … Continue reading

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Knitting and “All that Jazz”

Knitting is going apace.  Never any end in sight and that is the way that I like it!  It is a little scary how many idea’s are floating around my brain right now.  It seems that Spring Fever is lasting … Continue reading

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Green Gaia

Walking close to the Goddess! We walked a new trail in Linley Valley this morning.  It was the one that leads off the end of Linley Road.  Walking this trail was a very different experience from taking the previous trails through the Linley … Continue reading

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