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Everything at Once

This last week both Vogue Knitting and Malabrigo Yarns posted the lace shawl patterns that I had designed earlier in year for them.  It is always exciting to see the shawls styled and photographed by professionals as it really brings … Continue reading

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My son, his partner and my Dad came over for dinner this evening. And no this is not the start of a funny joke – even though it sounds like one. I asked my son or his partner if one … Continue reading

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We woke up this morning to the sound of the wind blowing – HARD! The wind was/is whistling through the chimney and the trees around us are rapidly loosing their leaves.  This wind is blowing in straight from the north-west.  … Continue reading

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Rolling, Rolling, Rolling……

….keep the fog a’rollin’! As we drove home last night I could see the fog rolling into Departure Bay.  The fog had already rolled over downtown and we had driven out of it as we got closer to Departure Bay. At the top of the … Continue reading

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Last Gasp of Summer

The flowers in the garden are pretty much done, except for a stubborn Dahlia and some happy daisies!  It is so wonderful to see those shots of colour against an otherwise drab garden. I have just finished off the Chihuly … Continue reading

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Super Natural B.C.

Sunday’s walk at Pipers Lagoon was a little on the wild side. There was a very large Sea-lion out in the small bay on the ocean side of the lagoon.  The very large Sea-lion was trying to swallow an equally … Continue reading

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Rose of Texas

There are few things as beautiful as a rose. Rose of Texas is inspired by an old song The Yellow Rose of Texas.  Said to have been written in the early 1800’s.  It is a folk song relating to the Battle … Continue reading

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