Cat’s Cradle

Cat's Cradle for Zealana Yarns!
Cat’s Cradle for Zealana Yarns!

My design for Zealana Yarns in Air Chunky.  A wonderful yarn to work with – perhaps the lightest and warmest ever for me.  A chunky yarn with about 140 m per 50 grs – amazing!

All tied up!
All tied up!

I started calling this design Cat’s Cradle because of the shape and the pattern detail – Cat’s Paw – a traditional Shetland lace pattern.

Cat’s Paw is another short-rowed pattern, similar to Saracen in shaping, it is designed to sit on the shoulders and stay put!  The tie detail adds a bit of a Vintage feel to the shawl  and just a little bit more lace.

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Love the shawl and the colour of course. Will the pattern be available singly or just in a book?

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