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Fall Mornings

Amazing mornings this weekend – Saturday at Neck Point!  The skies were clear and blue, the sun was shining and the wind was blowing in across the Strait and life was good!  We had a lazy walk around the park, there … Continue reading

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Rhiannon’s Cloak

Yesterday was Submission Day for the Stevie Nicks Design Competition – now it is up to Fate as we wait for the results!  Voting through Facebook and Twitter is open until Sept 29th, 10:00 am Pacific Time. Rhiannon’s Cloak is the … Continue reading

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Easy Birds Nest Cookies

I needed to bake…. I wanted to bake…. and I had a craving for Birds Nest Cookies.  So I went looking at recipe’s and then blended a few to come up with my own!   Here is my easy recipe … Continue reading

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Knitting Every Minute – Well Almost!

Right now the shawl for the Stevie Nicks design competition is occupying every waking moment and some sleeping ones as well!  LOL! But meals still need to be cooked (some of them anyway) and Sophie needs to be walked and my … Continue reading

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Amongst the Parsley!

The other evening as I was clipping parsley for my sauce – I made a wonderful discovery!  A Black Swallowtail Caterpillar had taken up residence in my Parsley plant! I hope you have a great day full of wonderful discoveries! … Continue reading

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Designing an Element – Rhiannon Update

Saturday afternoon I strung 400 crystals onto my yarn.  Later that day I strung 100 more and even later I strung 100 more.  The best laid plans usually fade in the reality test. The air was blue as I started … Continue reading

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Gloves – in Search of the Perfectly Fitting Pair!

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Originally posted on Le Tissier Designs:
I knit my first pair of gloves because I could never find gloves to fit my broad palm and short fingers.   I think that was around 2005.  I really started to get excited about…

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