Pinwheel Beaded Bag

Pinwheel Beaded Bag:  This beaded bag features short row construction to create the circular back and front, both of which are heavily beaded.  Beads used are both size 8 and size 9.  

Detail of front.

The front of the bag features a pinwheel pattern in the beading and the center is finished with Swaravski crystals, in various shapes.  The handle is beaded I-cord and the bag has a knit lining with interfacing.  Both bag and lining are knit from Handmaiden hand-dyed silk.  Pattern is under construction.

Feather and Fan Beaded Reticule

Feather and Fan Beaded Reticule:  This bag recently (Sept 2010) took a first in a Fibre Arts Showcase here on the Island.  The bead are  size 8 Charlottes and the bag is constructed from Handmaiden hand-dyed Silk for the braided handle and bag shell.  The lining is hand knit form Jaggerspun Zephyr.  Pattern is under construction.

Victorian Beaded Mesh Bag

Victorian Beaded Mesh Bag:  This bag is knit from Handmaiden CamelSpin yarn.  And uses approx 5000 size 8 charlottes.  The handle is beaded and double knit so that both sides are finished.  Pattern is available through my site on Ravelry.

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  1. the victorian beaded mesh bag is beautiful and delicate. i love the choice of gold and light brown. in fact everything i’ve seen on here is exquisite. what an amazing talent you have!

  2. I think your bags are wonderful!

  3. J’adore ton blog, il est super cool!

  4. I love beading but knitting is not my forte. I admire your talent.

  5. Fantastic beautiful. My wife is beader, but she never made bags. Quilters have made many years beautiful bags. Here are some examples from Finland:

    Quilted hand bags and toiletry bags

    Happy blogging!

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