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Challenging Week

This has been an interesting week.  It had gone from panic to joy and back to panic again.  Busy doesn’t even begin to encompass the activity level! Most of the Angst was around the Rhiannon Project. First; the yarn got … Continue reading

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“And the Third One was Just Right!”

I have been working on projects for the Buffalo Wool Co.’s new E-book, Cowgirl Knits. The last project for the book is a pair of gauntlet style gloves with beading, reminiscent of  classic cowboy gloves.  This project has been driving … Continue reading

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Lost – One’s Knitting Mojo……

…. It disappeared sometime in the last week.  Perhaps it dropped off beside the last ball of yarn I wound.  When found please return too Me…. That is just how I feel right now!  The last two designs I have … Continue reading

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Sometimes Frogging is the Only Answer!

One of the downsides of designing is that sometimes your original idea does not work.  And then Frogging is the only answer.  That is what is going with my current design.  I am about to frog 12 hours of knitting.  … Continue reading

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Organization is not a Dirty Word!

Though I sometimes use it as such!  Because my brother and his family came to visit – and he is my little (youngest) brother – I must set a good example – So I did some cleaning and organizing of … Continue reading

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Knitting and “All that Jazz”

Knitting is going apace.  Never any end in sight and that is the way that I like it!  It is a little scary how many idea’s are floating around my brain right now.  It seems that Spring Fever is lasting … Continue reading

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Knitting Symbols and Dancing Glass

One should never go to sleep after making a mistake in knitting – you worry about it all night long.  One should never try to fix a knitting mistake at night when one is tired – you will make it … Continue reading

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